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What We Do Here...

  Here at Rolling Acres K-9 Retreat LLC, we take great pride in treating your pup as our own. We invite social dogs from the smallest to the tallest to play with other pups here with us. Your dog not as social? Doesn't so much enjoy group playtime? Maybe you have a multiple dog household. We welcome those who are not as social as well, they are given their own space, individual playtime and we accommodate to their needs daily.

  We strive to give your pup an experience like no other, when you are away and on vacation, why not send your pup on a vacation of their own!

  We have acres of land for them to roam and play. Designated fenced in areas and a large indoor home like setting for rainy days. We are fully Licensed and Insured. We have video surveillance monitoring indoor facility as well as outdoor area. We have large 5 by 5 enclosures for the utmost comfort for your pup during rest and feeding time. We even have larger 5 by 10 enclosures to accommodate Giant Breeds as well as multiple pup households. Saint Bernard improved by Bubba himself. Our facility is situated right here on our farm, so your pup is not left alone at night. 

 A little about me...

  My name is Tiffany, I am the proud owner and manager of this Facility. I have been in the dog world... well, for as long as I could talk. 

  A little about my background. My love for dogs started at a very early age, some would say even before I could walk or talk. My mother bred and showed Rottweilers, by the age of 5 I was already in the ring myself bringing home ribbons of my own. 

  From there I went on to training my grandmother's Standard Poodle Nikki to stand on flower pots and jump thru Hula Hoops for tricks. Her and I were inseparable.

  As I aged and my responsibilities matured as well. I went on to managing Dog Boarding Kennels, Training Dogs, as well as working on Horse Farms. I have always dreamed of owning my own kennel one day and running a cage free facility in which the pups could socialize and play through out the day. No more loud echoing halls and overwhelmed pups while you are away. I took from these jobs the knowledge to create an experience for your pup like no other. I take great pride in making your pup feel at home here on the farm and addressing any special needs they may have. 

  So here I am... Chasing dreams four paws at a time, on a farm of my own with acres of land for your pup to come play and stay!!! 

Please see our gallery for a virtual tour of our Facility

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